“Det började med två killar som ville ge ut skivor i punkens gör-det-själv-anda...”

Record label
Based in Umea, SWEDEN
Founded in 1983
Genres: #Rock #Alternative #Garage #Progressive #Punk #Psychedelic 
grayscale photo of drum kit
Lars Gillén (Lars Garage)
Tommy Persson (Tommy Gun)

 It started back in 1983 when Lars Gillén and Tommy Persson decided to try and release some local punk rock bands they favoured on a label of their own. But the ball kept rolling and Garageland Records have released records with many impressive bands and artists over the years. Such as: Lea Riders, Zettlers, Blue Cheer, Downliners Sect, Cub Coda, The Jukon Speakers, Michael Katon, Meshuggah, Mike's Blue Groove, Nasty Music, The Spacious Mind, Jimmy Ågren Band, Crystal Caravan, Wolfman Jack and many more...  

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Garageland Records SWE

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